Commuting Rivers


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I started Fly Fishing years ago,and am pretty lucky to be able to call Calgary home. This place has a lot to offer for every type of angler. I have 2 good friends that I go fishing with, each with very different styles and motivations towards the sport, very similar to Tyler and Kahil from the movie Low and Clear(great flick). One is a Bow River die-hard and likes to go where he knows he will not get skunked, same river every day, same size fish, same flies. The other is more of a hunter and will spend hours on Google maps trying to find fish in unlikely places and is more that willing to get skunked for a week straight if it means landing that one monster. I fall somewhere in the middle of those two types of fishing. To me it doesn't matter if it's tried and true rivers, fish in unlikely places, high alpines lakes with a cutty on almost every cast, pike fishing in the prairies or chucking meat in the high country for bull trout. It's all good. What draws me to the sport, aside from the beautiful places it takes you, is that ultimate disconnect from everything else in life and that somewhat meditative state, where you can be completely present in a moment and focused on only one thing. No matter how shitty your day is, or how bad of a mood you are in; one day, or even one hour, on the water fishing will greatly improve it.

~Dane Ulsifer, Ambassador